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For this quick exercise, please imagine that you're talking to a Headteacher from a local school at a networking event.

"Thanks so much for your help with this. We're looking to introduce pi-tops to our school but don't know where to start.

Can we get your advice?"
Let's talk!
Thank you so much for helping us with this. 

What is your first name?

Which school do you work at?

Lovely to meet you. 

Which pi-top tool are we talking about here?

Let's pick one to talk about in detail. Which one shall we discuss?

Perhaps we can start off with the tool you have found most effective in the classroom and then come back to any others?
What subjects can you teach with a pi-top?

Which learning objective were you trying to address?

Was it successful? Were there others that you found it useful for?
How effective was this in improving your pupils' learning outcomes?

How easy was it to introduce pi-tops into the classroom?

Some of our teachers are more comfortable at introducing technology than others. How 'ready out of the box' is it? Is training available and good enough?
How suitable is pi-top for students with special educational needs?

Do I need one per pupil? How many would you recommend for a class?

How robust is the technology? Are any needed repairs or replacements easy to come by?

Are there any ‘hidden’ or extra costs once purchased? Will we need to purchase any additional consumables or incur any extra costs I need to know about?

What else do you have to say about this?

Is there anything else which we should know? Is there anything you would you say to my head of department, headteacher or budget holder, given the chance?
You've been amazing. Thanks so much for your help with this, helping us find the best Edtech for schools!

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